Long Beach

94,000 gsm of residential apartments that are situated on top of a retail mall podium (by others). Our project scope is to design unit plans and exteriors of the towers. Work performed while with Perkins Eastman Architects.

A tightly collaborative effort between our New York and Shanghai teams. The design pursues a nautical concept, taking its inspiration from the site's location and history as commercial maritime uses. 

The residential towers which we are responsible for sit sit atop a shopping mall and are oriented to take optimal advantage of long river views while creating a generous interior urban courtyard. There is a residential arrival courtyard in the center of the scheme and the mall's roof terraces up around it creating a series of stepped rooftop gardens that become the private residential amenities (mall design is by others).

The unit plans are optimized for maximized panoramic views. The nautical concept is expressed as tightly controlled curves and lines that stretch across the height of the towers. The material palette will be evocative of ships which will also work well with the commercial character of the mall below.

The project introduces a number of innovative design strategies to the Chinese housing typology.