reGEN Boston Competition

A competition entry for ReGEN Boston for an innovative housing model. The proposal aims to leverage the rise of the sharing economy and builds on this spirit by encouraging its residents to come together in daily informal ways to share a meal, a power tool, some spare time for a side project, or to simply mingle. We amplified the shared amenities and the building's organization to encourage such activities. Work done in collaboration with Greg Perkins.

The design is based on three vernaculars: North End’s Italian heritage, downtown Boston’s physical/material context, and maritime/industrial influences. 

The massing is derived from a traditional courtyard arrangement with a piano nobile level that houses an expansive shared kitchen that overlooks the courtyard with an outdoor movie screen. The ground floor is highly porous and weaves public circulation along the waterfront with the building and the courtyard. 

The facades facing out to the city are a gently faceting masonry skin with the window openings inspired by a combination of vernacular and nautical forms.